Building a More Sustainable Construction Industry

Coastline Equipment and John Deere have embraced the global shift towards sustainability. In this effort, we've discovered exciting ways to improve not just our environmental impact, but also our customer experience.

This Earth Day, we want to celebrate some of the steps Coastline and John Deere have taken to become more sustainable. The push towards a more eco-conscious future is visible in all industries, and construction is no different. To be competitive, you’ve got to be green. Here’s what we’re doing to lead by example.

1.    Coastline Long Beach is a LEED Gold certified building.

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a program started by the U.S. Green Building Council to recognize buildings that meet criteria for sustainability in design, construction, operation, and maintenance. Our newly renovated Long Beach, CA location scored at the second highest level of certification thanks to its solar panels, electric vehicle charging stations, and efficient energy usage.

2.    Meridian Rebuild Center

Our Meridian, ID store is a John Deere certified rebuild center, meaning they can make existing machines good as newa much more sustainable option than replacing a machine completely, and often more cost-effective as well.

3.    John Deere Tests Electric Backhoe

In January, John Deere partnered with National Grid to test its first fully electric construction vehicle, a backhoe comparable to the existing diesel-powered 100 HP 310L. This represents an exciting step forward in the journey toward electrification.

4.    John Deere Sustainability Goals

John Deere’s 2020 Sustainability Report outlines clear accomplishments and goals in the environmental realm. The company has seen a 19% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions since 2017, and 78% of waste is recycled. Moving forward, Deere plans to continue those efforts as well as place a focus on responsible water usage and new product sustainability.

5.    Final Tier 4 Emissions Compliant Rental Fleet

Coastline’s rental machines are all Final Tier 4 Emissions Compliant, meaning they meet the most stringent emissions standards without sacrificing power or reliability. When you rent from Coastline, you can feel good about reducing your carbon footprintwithout any extra effort on your part.


To read John Deere’s full sustainability report, visit

Building a More Sustainable Construction Industry1