Austin Maddon on the Construction Social Network

Our Long Beach C&F Sales Manager shares what he loves about the community he's found at work and online in the construction industry.

Austin Maddon is Coastline’s C&F Sales Manager for the Long Beach Branch, working with our valued customers to get them the right construction or forestry equipment for their job.  He has an awesome team to help him do this; he tells us, “We have cultivated a local culture here internally that makes coming to work fantastic. We are a team, and we strive to continually improve in all aspects of the Long Beach branch.” Looking ahead to the rest of 2021, Austin says the goal for his department is to continue providing the best possible service and equipment to clients.

Austin is keenly aware of the vital role social media plays in any modern sales environment, and he’s very active online. His Instagram page promotes John Deere machines and other Coastline products, displaying a wide range of inventory and educating his followers on machine features, capabilities, and maintenance. He sees the value of community building online, describing the construction industry as “extremely active” across all social media platforms, and adding that “being engaged with them has allowed for opportunities to showcase new things, pass on parts promos, and other various information to an immediate network of people that would have taken much longer to do years ago.”

In his free time, one of Austin’s favorite activities is traveling. “My wife and I are extremely passionate about seeing the world,” he says. “We have checked off 25+ countries and I am hoping to make that 50 in the next ten years.” Of course, this past year has made travel difficult, but Austin will get back to it once we get to that mythical “normal” we all remember so fondly—and we can’t wait to see the pictures he posts!  

Austin Maddon on the Construction Social Network1