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Keep an Eye on your Machine's Internal Health

Oil analysis in an important part of planned maintenance, so all Coastline Care Maintenance Programs include Universal Oil Analysis Kits to tell you what’s going on inside all of your machine’s major components.

Testing from each of these systems on a regular schedule will provide a clear picture of your machine's health, and catch any irregularities that may lead to potential damage.

Oil sampling best practices can be applied to all fluid systems on your John Deere Machine including:

  • Engine

  • Hydraulic

  • Powertrain

  • Cooling

  • Fuel Systems

Frequently Asked Questions - Fluid Sampling


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John Deere Protect

Construction Extended Service Plans

John Deere Protect Extended Service Plans are designed to provide you with peace of mind with maximized up time, scheduled service intervals so you don't have to think about them, protected value of your machine, and total confidence and ease that Coastline Equipment will take care of your investment.

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