2020 Industry Trends

As we enter a new year and a new decade, trends are inevitably going to change and evolve. The construction industry is no exception. We’ve compiled a few of those trends we see within the industry and hope you’ll be able to benefit from these trends in your coming year.

Robotics: A huge trend we saw in the previous decade was an increase in automation. From grocery delivery to Alexa or Siri to streamlined work processes meant to save work-time, this trend is primed to make a leap into the construction industry as well. Drones are a huge area of growth in our industry. Kespry Drone Solutions offers a new way of surveying job sites, allowing you to move forward quicker and with the most accurate data. Coastline Equipment offers industry leading drone solutions for your automated job-site needs, accurately measuring elevation, and volume data on your projects and turning them into actionable data to make your job more efficient.

Safety: In our industry, safety has always been a value and an industry imperative. This year, there will be huge focus on inspections as a means of ensuring safe machinery usage as well as increasing uptime on your machines. This doesn’t always mean thorough inspections but can mean things as simple as washing the windows on your cab, cleaning the cab of unnecessary materials, parts, or trash and doing visual inspections of the machine often. As a Coastline customer, undergoing thorough inspections are even easier. Our mechanics will come and do necessary inspections on your equipment free of charge, saving you a trip to the dealership and the downtime of a disabled machine. Call or email your local Coastline Equipment store today to schedule an inspection.

Changes in the labor market: As technology changes, so does the labor force to keep up with it. In our field, this can include operators and technicians that are certified and trained at higher levels. Often, these more specialized employees end up costing employers more to hire. Our John Deere machines are equipped with telematics data and technological advances that make them easier to operate, allowing your company to broaden your hiring pool to operators of varied levels of experience and certification. At Coastline Equipment we offer integrated machine and grade control technology with TopCon providing the benefit of an additional layer of support for operators that might not have the most experience, allowing for real-time machine control with grade, and digging guidance on Deere Graders, Excavators and Dozers.

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