#Techtuesday with Jesse

Today we are highlighting one our most accomplished technicians at Coastline Equipment.

Today for #techtuesday we wanted to highlight the accomplishments of Jesse, our in-house Machine Monitoring Specialist, and his career path from his shop service bay to a corporate role where he works in technology monitoring alerts from our customers machines and solving problems remotely, sometimes before even the customer knows.

1) How long have you been a John Deere technician?

I’ve worked as a technician for Construction Equipment Dealerships for 45 years

A Deere Technician for the previous 20 years


2) What’s your favorite part of being a technician?

  • Solving electrical and hydraulic system issues are by far my favorite.

  • I really have come to enjoy when a problem is resolved, and the customer is happy.


3) Is there a trait that you think makes a good or great technician?

I believe it’s very important any technician understands learning never stops!

It’s an individual’s desire to be engaged in that learning and improving his skills that makes for becoming the best Technician.


4) Tell us about your transition into the Machine Monitoring Specialist role.


The transition started when given the opportunity as the companies JDLink Administrator in 2015

I’ve had a lot of new things to learn, from managing Outlook, learning Excel, Word and all the other Office Tools, improving my Writing Skills.

Getting exposed to other Dealers Processes and procedures and figuring out how to implement what would work in our dealership


5) How has your experience in the shop helped you with your current position?

Being a technician and already understanding the Diagnostic processes, tools, access to manuals is a requirement. In this role it is not always hands on so it’s important to think and act as a technician.


Any great success stories you would like to share?

Captured loss of oil pressure on a 1050K once, had a Service manager contact the Customer to stop them from trying to restart the engine. Found the oil Pickup tube Broken, Engine was removed, Repaired and back to the Customer in 4 Days


Customer had roughly (10) 410 backhoes all were generating DTCs for the same issue.

I called him to let him know that the issue could be permanently Resolved under Emissions Warranty.

They were all Closing in on Expiration by Hours, I put together a Spread Sheet to prioritize which machines to start on first.

Machines were brought to shop one a time until all were updated,

Customer was very Happy an sent me a letter of appreciation

Jesse White Tech Tuesday Post