Rental Solutions for Construction Pros

Modern construction management challenges make renting a more attractive option each day for construction professionals..

Managing Modern Challenges with Rental Options

Keeping operational efficiency while adjusting to job opportunities is essential in the quickly changing construction industry of today. Increasing job costs and jumps in capital spending have many construction companies looking to equipment rental options to cover their equipment demands. Skid steers, compact excavators, articulated dump trucks, crawler dozers and compact track loader rentals are just a few of the construction equipment rental options we have invested in for our customers at Coastline Equipment, serving the greater metro areas in Boise, Idaho, Las Vegas, Nevada and Southern California. Today we will examine the advantages of renting from Coastline Equipment, and how we can partner with you to add power to your next project.


Instant Increase in Capabilities

Have a big project but need equipment fast? Renting provides near instant access to the latest John Deere equipment, with the latest in machine control and grade control technology, without the need to purchase something new. Add the increased efficiencies of Smartgrade technology on Excavators, dozers, and motor graders, and you have a winning combination, even with a less experienced operator. It truly is the best of both worlds when you rent with Coastline Equipment, costs savings and a better bottom line.

Cost Control That Is Predictable

Predictably managing expenses is one of the main benefits of renting construction equipment from Coastline Equipment. Usually, rental agreements include fixed costs for the whole rental term, so there are no surprises and greater project budget management. When budgeting projects in Boise, Las Vegas, or Southern California, where expenses might fluctuate greatly, this stability is a big benefit.


Professionally Maintained Rental Equipment

Offering well-maintained rental equipment is something Coastline Equipment is proud to do. For each piece of equipment to operate as well and dependably as possible on the job, it is constantly monitored using our JD Link telematics and John Deere Connected Support, and undergoes extensive maintenance and servicing tests ensuring maximum uptime on your rental machine. Businesses can choose Coastline Equipment rentals with confidence since our commitment and adherence to all safety and performance standards minimizes the downtime caused by equipment malfunctions.


Broad Equipment Range

Everything from skid steer and small excavator rentals to articulated dump truck and crawler dozer rentals is available from Coastline Equipment. This range guarantees that companies may locate, all in one location, precisely what they need for their particular project requirements. Our rental team also has Topcon machine control and grade control solutions available to help maximize job site efficiency. Renting is also frequently the only practical choice for projects needing extremely specialized equipment because buying such equipment might be excessively expensive and impractical for one-time use.


Renting construction equipment from Coastline Equipment makes sense in the present economic environment when cost control and flexibility are critical. Renting offers the advantages of avoiding the traps of negotiating large capital expenses, enjoying consistent cost control, and employing dependable and well-maintained equipment. Whether your project is in Boise, Las Vegas, or Southern California, Coastline Equipment can help you stay on track, efficient, and within budget with your next rental.


Leveraging rental options like those provided by Coastline Equipment can be a game-changer for construction industry companies trying to adjust to economic circumstances. Choose rentals that provide operational dependability together with financial flexibility to guarantee the success of your project.

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