KLEEMAN launches smartphone extension of SPECTIVE CONNECT

Better control over your crushing plants than ever, from the convenience of the feeding machine cab.

We are excited to announce the launch of SPECTIVE CONNECT from our friends and partners at KLEEMAN and the WIRTGEN Group. SPECTIVE CONNECT works through your smartphone and the system’s optimized small radio remote control, so you can take operational control of KLEEMAN’s mobile crushing plants with you into the feeding device’s operator cabin. Having this level of plant control from the safety and convenience of the excavator or wheel loader means you never have to leave the feeding device to make adjustments to the plant, preventing work interruption and boosting job efficiency.

Here’s how it works: Set your operation preferences for the crushing plant on its 12-inch, user friendly control panel, which is intuitively designed for fast familiarization and minimization of user error. Stay on top of machine stats and data via the smartphone app, then carry out any necessary functions or adjustments using the radio remote control.

The SPECTIVE CONNECT dashboard within the app provides all relevant information on the plant, including fuel consumption, plant performance, gap adjustment, and more. This way, the operator has everything they need to run the plant right in their hand, while being protected from environmental hazards like dust, noise, and heat.

Contact us to find out how you can get started with SPECTIVE today and not just get the job done, but absolutely crush it.

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Kleemann Spective Connect