Sam Morgan: Building Perspective from Experience

Sam Morgan has worked in construction dealerships since 1988, forming friendships and overcoming challenges that help guide her work today.

Sam Morgan is Coastline’s rental manager at our Meridian, Idaho branch, and she does an amazing job managing her store’s rental inventory, customer relations, budgets, contracts, and inter-store communications. She spoke to us about her history in the construction industry, her thoughts on female representation in the workplace, and her ongoing goals for her branch.

Sam started in the construction industry when she was hired over the phone by Elliott Industrial at the Jerome, Idaho store in 1988. Sam stuck around as the store was sold to Scott Machinery, CESCO, and finally, Coastline Equipment in 2016, moving up to the Meridian branch along the way. Upon making that move in 2001, she was sad to leave her Jerome customers and coworkers behind; “I basically grew up with them and I missed them all after the move to start over in Meridian,” she says. But she tells us she feels lucky to have met new coworkers and friends at the Meridian branch.

Sam says her favorite thing about working in this field is the people-- customers and colleagues alike. “I’ve met so many wonderful people over the years, some no longer with us, and have had so many wonderful experiences. We really enjoy our jobs and instill a lighthearted atmosphere that people feel comfortable being around.”

When it comes to women’s involvement in construction, Sam says it’s essential for the same reasons as any other industry: “It is important for women to be able to get involved in any field that they desire. If there are women entering into some of those unchartered fields, then it just helps open up the door to all that follow.”

The more women that work in a company or industry, the less likely they are to be singled out. Sam mentions that early on in her career, she “saw some discrimination of women in the industry in the form of acceptance and exclusions,” adding that she once answered the phone at her dealership only to have the customer on the other end tell her, “they shouldn’t have girls working in construction. Forward me to a man that knows what he’s doing.” The unwillingness of that customer to give her a chance, just because she’s a woman, has stuck with Sam. She adds: “Inside I’m still trying to prove every day to that person from my past that I can help them. No one person has all the answers, but I do try hard to find them out or get them to the right person in order to get their problems solved.”

This year will mark five years of Coastline ownership at our three Idaho stores, Meridian, Jerome, and Lake Fork. Having seen several ownership transitions in her career, Sam knows what makes a strong dealership, and she recognizes Coastline’s “extensive amount of inventory, knowledge, leadership, structure, and training support” that have allowed her store to build on their established reputation to become even better.

Currently, Sam tells us her goals as the Meridian rental manager are “to provide our customers with good running equipment for their rental needs, provide great customer service, and be there for the customer in whatever aspect is needed to help them succeed. Their continued success will be our success.” The most important step to achieving professional goals, she says, is being present; show up and follow through.

When she’s not working, Sam enjoys spending time with family and friends, getting outdoors, and going to concerts and flea markets. She is currently rebuilding a 1963 vintage aluminum camper, and she owns a business called Peddler’s Porch where she upcycles vintage décor for resale.

Sam brings valuable insight and experience to the Coastline team, and we’re glad to have her perspective as a resource. We look forward to continuing to work with and learn from Sam!

Sam Morgan: Building Perspective from Experience1