Tadano Mantis Corporation builds on more than thirty-five years of field proven experience, and sets the global standard for Safety, Quality, and Efficiency of telescopic boom crawler cranes. Tadano Mantis cranes are engineered like no other. Massive steel fabrications and powerful diesel engines matched to state of the art hydraulics and controls make the cranes ideal for both lift applications as well as heavy-duty work.
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Tadano Mantis Tele Crawler Cranes

TADANO MANTIS Corporation continues the development and production of MANTIS hydraulic telescopic-boom crawler cranes originally introduced by SpanDeck, Inc in 1979. The earliest models, the 2010 and 2610 were of 10 and 13-tons (9 and 11.7-tonnes) capacity and with their compact dimensions were designed primarily for use in the tank-building industry. Industries such as power transmission line erection and bridge construction soon discovered the Mantis which brought about the development of the higher capacity 3612, an 18-ton (16.3-tonne) capacity model in 1981 and the 5012 a 25 ton (22.5-tonne) in 1983.




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