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Vogele SB 300

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Make Vogele
Model SB 300
Type Fixed-Width Screeds

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The specialist in jointless paving

Fixed-width screeds from VÖGELE deliver absolutely high-quality, perfectly even results. Their strengths come to the fore when laying down asphalt across pave large widths and thick base courses. The SB 300 Fixed-Width Screed offers a wide range of applications, covering pave widths of 3 m to 16 m and layer thicknesses of up to 50 cm, depending on the tractor unit.


  • Basic screed weight : 2,650 kg
  • Basic screed weight Screed: SB 300 TP2
  • Compacting Hydraulic oil pressure (max.): 120 bar
  • Compacting Pressure bar drive (P): pulsed hydraulic
  • Compacting Pressure bar pulse frequency (P) (max.): 68 Hz
  • Compacting Stroke, Standard (TV,TP1, TP2): 2 mm; 4 mm; 7 mm
  • Compacting systems: TV, TP1, TP2
  • Compacting systems Frequency (max.): 50 Hz
  • Compacting systems Speed (max.): 1,800 U/min
  • Compacting systems Vibrators (V): eccentric vibrators
  • Depth (in transport position) Depth: 1.34 m
  • Depth (in transport position) Screed : SB 300
  • Optional Screed Heating : function monitoring of each individual heating rod
  • Pave Basic width: 3 m
  • Pave Bolt-on extensions: 150 cm
  • Pave Hydraulically adjustable: 3.00 m to 6.00 m
  • Pave Minimum pave width: 16 m
  • Profile Settings Crown adjustment: -2.5 % to 5 %
  • Profile Settings Height adjustment, extending units: -20 mm to 25 mm
  • Profile Settings Version: hydraulic
  • Screed Heating Control : fully automatic, thermostat-controlled
  • Screed Heating Heating rods: on screed plates and in tamper bars and pressure bars
  • Screed Heating Output generation: three-phase AC generator
  • Stroke, optional hydraulic (TV, TP1, TP2): 4 mm; 8 mm
  • Width (with side plate): 3 m


  • High compaction technology: The pressure bar(s) driven by pulsed-flow hydraulics are the core of VÖGELE High Compaction Technology. By combining screed versions TP1, TP2 and TP2 Plus with this unique technology, our pavers achieve maximum compaction values. Compaction performances of over 98% can be achieved with VÖGELE’s unique high compaction technology – without rolling.
  • Electric screed heating: VÖGELE has put its faith in electric screed heating for decades. This extensive experience, in combination with continuous further development, means that VÖGELE screeds are now brought to temperature quickly and evenly.
  • Manufacturing technology Screeds: VÖGELE screeds feature leading-edge technology made possible by state-of-the-art production processes. The first of these processes, the precision cutting to shape of extremely wear-resistant sheet steel, takes place on laser cutting stations. Robots which operate continuously to a consistently high standard ensure long-lasting, stable welds.
  • Compaction technology: VÖGELE sets standards in compaction values during paving: cutting-edge technology and the most advanced materials guarantee the outstanding performance and reliability of VÖGELE compaction technology. This applies to all VÖGELE compacting systems, from vibrators all the way to the VÖGELE high compaction system with tamper and pressure bars.




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