Coastline Trainee Caleb Martin Wins National Internship Award

A $500 reward, matched by Coastline, recognizes Caleb's in-class and on the ground achievements in the C&F Technician Training Program.

Coastline Equipment’s Construction and Forestry Technician Training Program has given rise to a new star—and, if his accomplishments thus far are any indication, he’s set to become an exemplary member of the Coastline team.

Caleb Martin completed all 32 required John Deere University courses in just his first year at Linn Benton Community College, going on to participate in the Cooperative Work Experience program at Coastline’s Bakersfield, CA branch. Caleb isn’t afraid of a little overtime; he completed 160 more hours than the required minimum to complete the program.

In his time at Coastline, Caleb built a stellar reputation for himself. A particularly impressive achievement was his diagnosis and successful repair of an electrical problem on a 210 LE skip loader for a highly valued customer. By getting this fix and others right the first time, Caleb contributed to an efficient work environment for both Coastline and the customer.

Doug Ladd, our Bakersfield service manager and Caleb’s CWE sponsor, calls Caleb’s work habits and desire to learn “unprecedented” for his age. Caleb left such an impression that Doug has already committed to bring him on as a full-time team member as soon as he completes the C&F Program at Linn Benton.

Caleb’s admirable performance in the C&F Program and his summer work experience at Coastline have earned him the Two-Year College Student Achievement Award from the national Cooperative Education and Internship Association. The award includes a $500 prize, which was then matched by Coastline to recognize Caleb’s outstanding achievement. Alongside his award-winner status, Caleb takes pride in the day-to-day chances to prove himself in the field. “It’s the proudest moment to repair an issue and see it work correctly and be able to say, ‘I fixed that!’” Caleb explains. “This is what fuels us technicians.”

To learn more about the C&F Tech Training program, download our brochure.

If you or someone you know could benefit from a hands-on learning experience like Caleb’s, the program application can be found here.

Caleb Martin Standing next to a John Deere Skid Steer.