Technology Solutions

John Deere WorkSight — bringing together machines, technology, and your John Deere dealer to make your job easier.


Turn data into insights to optimize your machines, uptime, jobsites, and, ultimately, your bottom line. It begins with our five key technology solutions:



JDLink™ Telematics
Machine Health Prognostics
Remote Diagnostics and Programming
Payload Weighing
Grade Control


Optimize Machines

John Deere WorkSight lets you see machines that are idling excessively, inactive, running at very high loads for long periods of time, or moving when they shouldn’t be. For example:

  • See time spent idling to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption.
  • View engine load and fuel consumption, to match machine size to the job.
  • Monitor ADT and wheel loader payload and trip counters to ensure proper loads and maximize efficiency.
  • Set up virtual fences and authorized hours of use, to improve security.

Optimize Uptime

John Deere WorkSight can also serve as a helpful maintenance assistant whether you’re responsible for a large fleet spread across many locations or a single machine within sight.

  • Exclusive remote dealer diagnostics, machine performance recording, and even software updates reduce the time and cost associated with a technician trip to the job site
  • Alerts sent to your computer, mobile device – even your dealer if you choose – inform you immediately of machine issues so you can address them quickly before they cause more costly repairs and downtime
  • Proactive maintenance recommendations identify potential problems early so you can avoid more costly repairs down the road
  • Maintenance reminders based on predefined, customizable schedules go to your computer or mobile device
  • Payload and tire pressure monitoring on wheel loaders and articulated dump trucks (ADTs) help reduce tire wear and replacement cost

Optimize Jobsites

With John Deere WorkSight, you can make sure you have the right machines on the right job. And you can reduce grading passes while improving the finished product. You can even watch over an operator’s shoulder from many miles away to ensure the most efficient operation. WorkSight also gives you visibility to data from completed jobs. More importantly, it helps you make your operation more efficient.

  • See fuel levels to forecast efficient refueling
  • Confidently adjust required margins in estimates to be more competitive
  • Monitor ADT and wheel loader payload and trip counts
  • View historical data on fuel consumption, passes, and payloads for reference on similar jobs