Mixed Fleet Solutions

  1. The Mixed-Fleet Data Solution Providers below can easily incorporate JDLink™ data from your John Deere machines into their application interfaces.
  2. You pick the solution provider you’re already working with, or want to work with, from our list of providers.
  3. Just ask your selected provider to pull in your JDLink data.
  4. See and leverage your entire fleet’s data in your selected portal.

Hardware Options

Each mixed-fleet data solution provider also offers hardware to enable telematics on assets without a telematics terminal, such as compact equipment, over-the-road trucks, and even non-powered items such as trailers. Data from these assets is then viewable in the respective data solution provider’s application. Your John Deere dealer can also provide a hardware solution if you’d prefer to manage basic data for assets such as these with JDLink Dashboard.

Mixed Fleet Solution Providers

Coastline Equipment has teamed up with LHP Telematics to provide a single integrated source for your mixed fleet telematics.