Machine Monitoring

Using data flowing from JDLink, Coastline Equipment's Machine Monitoring Specialists can watch your fleet, being notified of fault codes and critical alerts often beginning investigations from the dealership, and using remote support to clear codes or even update machines.

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  1. Your machines create a trouble code beginning the alert process.
  2. Those codes flow via JDLink ™ to Coastline Equipment's Machine Monitoring Center and—along with codes from thousands of other connected machines—to John Deere's central Machine Health Monitoring Center.
  3. Coastline Equipment's local machine monitoring specialists identify potential critical issues determined by the alert codes.
  4. Utilizing John Deere's remote diagnostic technology, Coastline Equipment's monitoring specialist will read and clear codes, record machine performance readings, and even update software.


How it Works

  1. Our telematics specialist installs new hardware on your machine to communicate with LHP Telematics, and creates your account.
  2. Your new online account will give you access to your mixed fleet machine data in the cloud.
  3. We request LHP Telematics to pull in your JDLink data.
  4. See and leverage your entire fleet's data in your selected portal, including JDLink.

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