Our iPad app walks you through a simple three-step process:
1. Determine the area to survey or inspect

2. Identify flight heights to capture data

3. Complete preflight checklist to ensure the mission is safe and compliant


Once the drone is launched by tapping the “take-off” button, the drone flies the mission plan autonomously, then returns to the take-off area for landing.

Once the drone data has been captured, it is uploaded to the Kespry Cloud.


With the Kespry inspection solution, fast processing and mobile tools enable access to drone data within minutes, providing “in the field” analysis and claims decisions in as little as 1 hour.

For aggregates, mining, and construction, Kespry automatically generates 2D and 3D models of the entire site ready for analysis.


Aggregates, mining, and construction users can generate stockpile volumes, cut/fill analysis, and detailed topography across an entire site. This analysis can then be outputted to the system or process used to plan and manage that site.

  • Plan

    iPad Mission Planning

  • Fly

    Autonomous Flight

  • Analyze

    Rapid Delivery of Survey Data

  • Insight

    Analytics and Reports in Minutes

See it in Action

World Class Reporting


The Kespry Cloud automatically calculates the volume and slope of any selected surface. Pitches of roofs, material volumes, cut and fill areas, stripping blocks, or blasting areas can be quickly evaluated within moments. Customized reports show volumes of each material for single or multiple sites are automatically generated for internal business decisions or regulatory audits.


Customers can quickly verify the elevation of any surface in several ways. A simple check box will activate the contour tool allowing the user to pick specific intervals needed to best evaluate large areas for the entire site or detailed areas, such as drainage swales. Changes in elevation can also be shown by viewing a surface model of the site that defines low and high areas with different colors.


High-resolution images are automatically collected from the Kespry Drone and post-processed into sub-centimeter resolution geotagged 3D models.

Easy click and zoom functionality within the Kespry Cloud gives users the ability to safely evaluate highwalls, stockpiles, pits, and rooftops with more control and resolution than video or static images.

Kespry Drone Solutions

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Tech Specs

Coverage: 150+ acres single flight

Resilience: 20 mph sustained wind/30 mph gusts

Flight time: 30 minutes, field swappable batteries

Image resolution: 20 megapixel camera

Network speed: 5 GHz Wi-Fi and LTE equipped

Weight: 2 kg

Radio link: 900 MHz

GSD: 1 mm — 2.5 cm (configuration dependent)

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