• Locate your machines and enable security
  • Receive customizable alerts
  • View machine utilization data
  • Monitor engine hours and maintenance


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JDLink™ Ultimate

JDLink is your connection to the profitability-enhancing benefits of John Deere WorkSight. From the fleet management fundamentals of knowing the hours and location of all brands, to sending machine-health alerts and tracking machine production on Deere machines, JDLink can help you centrally, smartly manage your entire fleet and grow your business.



  • Optimize utilization: Do you really need to rent an added piece of equipment to maintain expected productivity on a jobsite? Is there another machine idling 40 percent of the time on another jobsite that can be reassigned and better utilized?
  • Put the right machine on the right job: Is the right-sized machine for the productivity your jobs demand on site? Review engine-load data to understand if you need a larger, more productive machine.
  • Ensure proper operation: Too much time spent in transport versus grading? Analyze time in gear to uncover operator-training opportunities.
  • Enable remote diagnostics and programming: This industry first gives John Deere dealers the ability to remotely read and clear diagnostic codes plus record machine-performance data on machines with JDLink Ultimate without traveling to the jobsite. This means getting to the jobsite with the right part the first time, and getting machines up and running in less time. If it's a software issue, your dealer can even update the software from his desk at the dealership.*
  • Easily track maintenance: You can set up your machines with maintenance plans, log maintenance activity on a machine already enrolled, and have a report emailed to you listing all the machines in your fleet, stating the hours until their next maintenance interval and in which equipment group the machines are located. It's all reported automatically based on the hours/location data acquired on your machine and transmitted via JDLink. It's the simple way to extend machine life and increase trade value.
  • Quickly act on alerts: Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) transmitted from your Deere machines appear in the alerts display on the JDLink dashboard. You can choose to have DTCs sent to your mobile device and escalated to crew members' mobile phones. There is even a free JDLink app for iOS and Android devices to let you locate your machines and view and acknowledge alerts.
  Cost Reduction
  • Prevent theft: Replacing stolen machines and paying insurance premiums is expensive. The geo-fence and curfew features available with JDLink can help you prevent theft and recover stolen assets.
  • Track overall fuel consumed and how much you're burning in idle. Reducing idle time can have a dramatic positive impact on fuel costs and engine life. JDLink makes sure you know where the opportunities lie.
  • Track hours (time) and fuel (material) spent on jobsites: Integrate this data into billing and estimation systems to improve future bid accuracy. Ask about available John Deere Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that can connect contractor systems directly to the data.