• Final Tier 4 emission-certified engine
  • Ultra-quiet and spacious cab
  • Best-in-class traction control
  • Ground-level daily service


Engine Power 315 kW (422 hp) @ 1,900 rpm
Operating Weight (Empty) 30,782 kg (67, 863 lb.)
Rated Payload 33,629 kg (74, 139 lb.)
Heaped Capacity 20.5 cubic meters (26.8 cu. yards.)


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Supersize your productivity.

Delivering impressive power and torque for exceptional power-to-weight ratios and fast cycles, E-Series ADTs haul more for less cost per ton. And they keep materials moving through steep slopes, deep ruts, and slippery muck. The 370E comes loaded with a rugged EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV John Deere Power Tech diesel engine. Purpose-built transmissions with eight forward and four reverse gears. Heavy-duty John Deere-built axles with wet-disc brakes. Standard adaptive suspension. Numerous automated functions for simplified operation. And a quieter, pressurized Deere-designed cab. With the E-Series, you get everything you need to boost productivity and uptime, and reduce your daily operating costs. Big time.


  • Easy-to-activate cab tilt doubles as a remote park-brake release.
  • Ground-level diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank access makes fills quick and easy. Fuel tank is also close at hand to simplify daily service.
  • New operator station features best-in-class operator noise levels along with ergonomic controls for maximum operator comfort and productivity.
  • All-new mirror mounting increases visibility, reduces vibration, and provides walk-through access to the engine compartment.
  • Redesigned onboard weighing system is factory calibrated for increased accuracy and reliability.
  • Industry-leading transmission retarding and braking performance keep the machine stable and in control down steep grades.