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Kleemann MCO 9 S EVO

Make Kleemann
Model MCO 9 S EVO
Type Mobicone

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Compared with MCO 9 EVO, the MCO 9 S EVO is equipped with a more powerful drive unit as well as larger running gear and chassis. As an option, it also features a secondary screening unit (single deck vibrating screen) with return conveyor. This permits a closed material loop and thus the production of a defined final grain size. The oversized grain can also be optionally discharged sideways via the 100° swivel-mounted return conveyor.

  • Cone crusher with bearings and automatic circulation lubrication for high feed capacity and long service life
  • Available as secondary or tertiary crusher
  • Diesel-directdrive
  • Linkage option with other KLEEMANN plants (option)


  • Crusher discharge conveyor length: 9,300 mm
  • Crusher discharge conveyor width: 800 mm
  • Crusher Discharge height approx.: 3,400 mm
  • Crusher drive type: Direct
  • Crusher system size: 950 mm
  • Crusher weight (approx.): 8,900 kg
  • Crushing power: 160 kW
  • Feed capacity up to approx.: 245 t/h
  • Feed height with extension: 3,080 mm
  • Feed Hopper length: 3,560 mm
  • Feed Hopper length with extension: 3,840 mm
  • Feed Hopper volume: 6.4 m³
  • Feed Hopper volume with extension: 7.5 m³
  • Feed Hopper width: 2,580 mm
  • Feed Hopper width with extension: 2,580 mm
  • Feed size: 200 mm
  • Feeding height: 2,650 mm
  • Power Supply Unit Drive concept: Diesel-electric direct drive
  • Power Supply Unit Generator (1500 rpm): 130 kVA
  • Power Supply Unit Output LRC (1500 rpm): 289 kW
  • Power Supply Unit Output Tier 3 / Stage IIIA (1500 rpm): 289 kW
  • Secondary Screening Unit Discharge height fine grain discharge conveyor approx.: 3,450 mm
  • Secondary Screening Unit Length approx.: 4,550 mm
  • Secondary Screening Unit Model: Single-deck lightweight screen
  • Secondary Screening Unit Oversize grain return conveyor length: 9,750 mm
  • Secondary Screening Unit Oversize grain return conveyor width: 500 mm
  • Secondary Screening Unit Width approx.: 1,350 mm
  • Transport height approx. (default value): 3,600 mm
  • Transport length approx.: 16,675 mm
  • Transport length with secondary screening unit approx.: 20,770 mm
  • Transport weight of screening unit: 1,870 kg
  • Transport width with secondary screening unit max.: 3,200 mm


  • Continuous Feed System (CFS): Uniform loading is indispensible for a good product, optimum throughput and low wear. To ensure that the long crushing chamber is always evenly, the Continuous Feed System (CFS) monitors the crush level (jaw crusher and cone crusher) or the load at the rocker and rotor as well as the motor utilisation (impact crusher).
  • Plant linkage for perfect combination versatility: The line coupling option allows special KLEEMANN plants to be coupled with one another. The crushing process between the crushing plants is automatically controlled so that material is always conveyed with maximum efficiency through the machines. A probe is installed at the crusher discharge conveyor of the upstream machine, which monitors the filling level of the feeding unit of the downstream machine. When the filling level reaches a defined height, the output of the upstream plant is temporarily reduced or feeding is switched off, thus effectively reducing the overfilling of individual machines and ensuring that machine utilisation is always ideal. The feed control Continuous Feed System (CFS) also guarantees optimum utilisation of the crusher.
  • Innovative diesel-direct electric drive concept - impressive performance with the best possible consumption values: The crushers of the EVO line have an innovative "diesel-direct electric" drive concept and are powerful and economical at the same time. An efficient and powerful diesel engine drives the crusher directly via a fluid coupling. The drive technology thus impresses with extremely low efficiency losses and maximum output directly at the crusher. All secondary drives – for example, for prescreen, vibrating chutes and conveyor belts – are driven electrically. The fluid coupling guarantees high operational safety – for operator and machine.
  • Ring Bounce Detection: During ring bounce, a movement is created between the bowl and the main frame of the cone crusher as a result of excessive crushing forces. This is triggered by feed sizes that are too large or small, an excessive fine content or the continuous feeding of uncrushable material. To protect the crusher, software continuously monitors the hydraulic pressure of the crusher overload system and reacts when necessary with two modes: Mode 1 – PRECISE MODEfor the production of grit: the machine stops feeding if ring bounce is detected; the operator receives a fault message and can adapt his process. This mode assures that no impermissible oversize grain is produced and the machine is protected against crusher damage. Mode 2 – MIXTURE MODEfor the production of mixtures: in this mode, the machine adjusts the crushing gap - without intervention of the operator - automatically to prevent ring bounce. After a defined period without ring bounce, the gap is closed again to keep the share of oversize grain as low as possible.
  • Cone Crusher: Cone crushers crush the feed material in a circulating opening and closing crushing gap between bowl liner and crusher cone. Opening and closing also takes place simultaneously on the opposites sides of the crushing chamber.





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